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Storage, rule of thumb


While we're not in the habit of charging for storage and not willing to destroy other people's properties even if left unclaimed for a while (merely out of respect for the money and time that was spent on their purchase), we would be grateful if the legitimate owners would get back to us at soon as possible with instructions as regards to their personal belongings. Understandably, we won't be able to keep items indefinitely, there will come a point when we have to free up space in the warehouse. Please also note that, once the legitimate owner has been found, prolonged failure to reply to our emails and messages will result in the permanent removal of your goods.

At the moment the parcels without ownership laying in our warehouse:

  • 2 light parcels, name G**** S*****o
  • 1 small parcel name Alexander K*****
  • IM card name C*******o F***o
  • Envelope A**i M****o
  • Light Amazon envelope R****l L***z
  • 2 big boxes by the name Z****A B***j
  • 1 big box by the name C*******a D****l

In all cases we will ask for details to ascertain ownership before handing over the items.