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If you are reading this then it means you are looking to buy Italian products or do some business in Italy, we like to think you've come to the right place. I've been procuring Made in Italy goods and facilitating deals for a very long time, helping many companies and businessmen around the world in finding their perfect business partners and desired products and opportunities in the whole of Italy. My name is Cipriano, Italian born and bred. I graduated at the London School of Economics and I'm currently based near Milan, northern Italy, with my partner Jana, a British citizen Russian speaker, who’s helping me on a variety of tasks.

Please take a moment to read the FAQs below

What kind of goods can you source?

I hate to sound presumptuous here but we can source anything, in any industry, whether it's for your business or personal use. I have been involved in hundreds of different projects and products liaising with big and small players in most sectors, high and low end of the market. Years of experience have also taught me that I don't necessarily need to be an authority in your field to find what you're after (I managed to source products which I knew very little about, even outside of Italy for that matter), but if in doubt just be as specific as you can in your enquiry, if I don't have first-hand extensive knowledge of what you're looking for, chances are I know how to find it or know people who do. Note that supplier selection at Sourcingitaly is always conducted across the board, hence genuinely based on customers' specific interests and needs and not restricted to particular industry associations members or friendly/affiliated traders and lobbies, as it's often the case. Try me, I pride myself on easy and speedy communication 24/7 365 days instant messaging included. Not a lot to lose by making an enquiry, have you?

What kind of assistance and services do you provide?

Occasionally, sourcing agencies and brokers try and take advantage of Italy's notorious red tape, customs, slow response times and/or poor feedbacks, when in reality with a bit of patience you can do most of it yourself. Having said that, other than help you expand your supplier base, I will gladly offer timely and effective help with negotiations, documents, regulations, research, logistics, oversee the manufacturing process, organise storage and shipment at the best rates, schedule appointments, assist you in your business trips to Italy, follow up and other arrangements.. basically anything to help you minimise risks and costs, save you time, create long-lasting and profitable relationships with Italian manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, suppliers, independent craftspeople, and make the most of potential business opportunities or deals to be made in Italy. If a trustworthy point of contact/coordinator in the Bel Paese is all you need, we might be what you are looking for.

Additional services not necessarily related to sourcing but useful to international shoppers and businesses alike:

> Parcel Forwarding

> Personal Shopping

> Virtual Address

> Returns Handling


How much do you charge for sourcing products?

Difficult to say beforehand due to the huge variety of goods we deal in and the services we provide, let's say as a buyer agent we generally charge a small percentage (finder's fee) on the amount you'll buy thanks to our findings, as simple as that, it depends on the nature and size of the order of course, but it could average between much less than 1% to 3%, no other hidden/operating costs; and again these percentages are not written in stone, I'm receptive of low margin business sectors for example and I certainly tend to reward long-term business relationships. After the first order I always give the client the choice of dealing directly with the suppliers for repeat purchases, alternatively keep buying with my help for a lower percentage as so many things can go wrong that having a local and knowledgeable troubleshooter close at hand who will assist you every step of the way usually makes everyone happy (easy dialogue, faster response, lesser delays, pushing for meeting deadlines, post-sale assistance are just a few of the advantages for both parties). Fixed commissions sometimes also possible. Should you have different or unusual propositions simply ask, almost everything is negotiable and anything discussable.

Why so competitive?

It's me, experienced and independent buying agent consultant broker forwarder, single person, you're not paying a company or association with its members, directors, admin double-talk, pension schemes, coffee breaks.. well you get the gist... Simply due to the above I can afford to be extremely flexible on everything, fees included, while still being able to give you my undivided attention once I have accepted an assignment.


Some trivial and boring facts > It's common knowledge that Italy is the country of small and medium enterprises, it has in fact the largest SME sector in the EU. With 3,813 million SMEs Italy has actually almost twice as many as Germany (2,066 millions), this figure is even largely misleading as the vast majority of the peninsula SMEs (a staggering 94.6% of them) are micro-firms with less than 10 employees, many of which may speak poor English, if at all, and may not even have a website, making them virtually inaccessible to the average buyer, local knowledge can prove extremely valuable round here. Plus, despite being Europe's long-established second-biggest manufacturing power, Italy only ranks 47th worldwide in the overall Enabling Trade Index, performing incredibly poorly compared to the UK (6th), Germany (10th), France (21th), or even Spain (26th). Yet trading with Italy doesn’t have to be complicated...



On the whole I can be a bit unconventional, I have certainly been very useful to lots of people all over and made some good friends in the process. As the saying goes, Respect is earned, Honesty is appreciated, Trust is gained, Loyalty is returned.




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