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Our lowest-price-guaranteed assisted purchase/pick-up and worldwide redeliver service is a further option we offer to private individuals and businesses who are as passionate as us about Made in Italy. Package forwarding is particularly useful to international shoppers who want to buy Italian products or something from Italy when the seller does not ship abroad or is not equipped to meet the buyer's requests.


I’m often contacted by honest buyers who are genuinely interested in specific items they have seen for sale in Italy, either in physical stores or advertised on classified websites and newspapers, but the vendor (whether business or private seller) for some reason is hard to reach, unwilling to post internationally or applies exorbitant shipping rates, the product is only available to the European market, etc. etc. In these cases I can help you in the contact phase if needed, for instance if the seller is unresponsive or somehow uncooperative with someone who calls from abroad and/or can’t speak Italian properly (I will rarely charge for my time spent contacting the dealers or negotiating with them), or I can assist you with your online purchase, like filling in an Italian form or profile for example. In any case once you have identified the item/s you need, irrespective of whether you purchase the goods yourself or you want me to buy them for you, I will provide a mail forwarding service thanks to which we will give the trader my Italian full mail address, upon reception, and inspection if required, I will immediately forward your goods to the address you provide.


Our logistics is rather slim and organised, the parcel forwarding service we offer is in fact more direct and less impersonal than those where third party forwarders are involved given that at Sourcingitaly you're always assigned your very own experienced and equipped parcel handler (ME:) who can react quicker than most, dealing with your request from beginning to end, and you're paying only one person (still ME:), there are no other service fees or persons involved, that's why we can afford to beat most prices and cut response times (instant messaging welcome: +393478185092), there are also no sign up or login requirements to keep things as effortless as possible.


Our mail forwarding service is absolutely tailored to the buyer's needs with a straightforward pricing structure, you pay for the international delivery which includes a fair handling fee. Shipping options and costs are always discussed and agreed with you prior to payment, although the use of tracked postage is not mandatory I always recommend it for mutual security. I will professionally prepare and optimise for international shipping, repack when it makes economic sense reducing volumetric or actual weight, I can store and consolidate various items if convenient for you. Apart from very voluminous objects, storage is always free of charge, while for large and bulky items I will work with my regular freight forwarders to make your purchase as cost-effective as possible. Additional services like taking photos, contents check, safety packaging, removal or submission of documents, customs declarations are also free of charge. On the subject of what to declare on customs forms I'll follow your instructions whenever possible, receivers are responsible to pay potential import duties and taxes upon collection in their countries where due, you'll also be accountable for double checking what is allowed and what is not into the country of destination.


Our handling fees are amongst the cheapest around (feel free to compare with similar services, which BTW won't be as comprehensive, flexible, and accommodating as us, so our returning customers say) and may vary depending on typology and dimensions of the parcel. Contrary to letters we cannot give a fixed pricelist for parcels because the variety of shipping methods is extremely wide and also changes in time, so to ensure clients receive the best quotes we need weight and ideally approximate size if possible, do contact us for enquiries and quick estimates, open 24/7 with fast replies. If you find our costs higher than any other Italian forwarder, please let us know and we'll try to beat that!


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Handling and forwarding of ordinary mail like letters, magazines, or business mail with scanning of documents to those wishing to have an Italian address also provided.



If you need a Personal Shopper/Concierge Service in and around Italy please see here Personal Shopper in Italy




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