This is a role I often carry out with the help of my partner Jana. Jana is a British citizen, she was born in Georgia and holds three degrees (Batumi High State College, Saint Petersburg State University, London Metropolitan University), she has far better taste than I and she does this regularly for her Russian speaking customers. Either Jana or I can visit all the popular Designer Fashion Outlets in northern Italy on behalf of our clients.


As a personal shopper in the strictest sense of the word, Jana has a very good and trained eye, she can spot quality from a distance and she's well acquainted with past and current trends, she’s therefore ideally placed to act as your style advisor, help with your lifestyle or mundane purchases, find the perfect dress for a special day, or source bespoke and unique gifts for instance. She's been doing this for a long time catering mostly to a high end clientele, and, like me, she can save you time and money buying what's most suitable for your criteria, budget, and shopping occasion.

In case you already know what you want, we can find it for you, pick it up, and pay on your behalf (assisted purchase) then forward it to you. Please remember that if you pay us with a payment method that charges fees to the receiver you will need to add those fees on top in order for us to receive the net amount to purchase your item.


Our areas of expertise include Clothing & Accessories, Furniture & Home Decor and Art. The service is not limited to nearby Milan but can be extended, on agreement, to national level.


Kindly use the contact form for enquiries or write directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



If you need basic shipping assistance in order to have your items forwarded from Italy to your country see here Parcel Forwarding from Europe






On a side note which relates to the Home Decoration field, Jana has first hand experience with the broad Italian property market for second homes, she also has a background in the buy-to-let and renovation & restoration sectors in Georgia and the UK, and she's been applying these skills with some of her Russian speaking clients in Italy; something to think about if you're planning on entering the Italian housing market.