The most competitive & versatile options for your Italian correspondence.

Real Address, Prompt 24/7 Service, Business & Residential, Flexible & Fair Tariffs.


Our virtual mailing Italian street address -Office/Business or Residential- is particularly useful to:


- receive documents only deliverable to an Italian address (or European if you live outside the EU)

- those who need an Italian address for their website or business

- those who prefer to keep their postal address private for whatever reason

- private individuals and businesses who want their mail forwarded from Italy to their country (via post or scanned)

- those in need of an Italian return address for their business (i.e. they sell in Italy and have a "Returns & Refunds" policy)

- Italian expatriates who have moved abroad and have no relatives left in the peninsula

- frequent travellers, and so on and so forth...


We also help you deal with Italian-related documents and procedures, like for instance activating your Italian phone SIM card or set up a virtual Italian phone number for your website, all for free or very modest fees.


Like with the Parcel Forwarding Service we offer, every time a piece of mail is received you will be immediately alerted via email or any other preferred media or platform, we always try and be as responsive as possible, even same day forwarding if feasible. Instant messaging welcome: +393478185092.


We want to point out that this is not a service with a prestigious address in central Rome or Florence, if you need a full virtual office with a prominent address to convey the idea of having headquarters somewhere extremely distinguished in order to show off on your business card please refer to other prestigious services (and their prestigious prices), this is a classic and versatile real postal address in a picturesque town near Milan, in the efficient and business-oriented Northern Italy, to which a variety of extras can be added.


Note that scanning is only possible upon specific written request (e.g. POA) as we cannot open other people's letters without their consent, while letter forwarding is normally done using new and clean bigger envelopes with professionally printed labels. Both the scanning and the mail forwarding address services are available on a pay as you go and on a subscription basis, so with or without recurring fee depending on usage. Our fees as usual are quite fair and tailored to your needs, if you do find our charges unsuitable for your requirements or higher than other virtual offices please let us know and we'll address that! Use the contact form for your enquiries or write directly to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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Forms of payment we accept include:    

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