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For sourcing quotes please fill out the form below (fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory). For other services like Parcel Forwarding or Mail Rediretion you can use the quicker contact form. In any case you may also write to us directly at, and we'll get back to you very shortly. Instant messaging also available +393478185092.


We speak English French and Italian, for Russian in particular please write to, avoid online translators if possible.

name of contact person
a valid email address, first contact from me will always be via email, kindly double check
be as detailed as possible, don't leave out important details (e.g. quality, quantity, range...), in this instance you should give me enough information in order to have a preliminary feedback for you
also, in your own interest, please say a little about your business and/or yourself, some companies are reluctant to give you the time of day or disclose information without knowing who they’re dealing with (this is not always the case of course, depends on your requests, so be your own judge)
sorry about this, just cutting down on spam
this in not mandatory, it only helps US maximize our online/offline marketing efforts